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Oral Turanabol (Turanol, Turinabol, Chlordehydromethyl-testosterone)

Androgenic effect of the drug in pretty poor (6 out of 100), but in combination with anabolic effect (54 out of 100), Turanabol become extremely effective drug. For instance, dianabol has androgenic effect 43/100 and anabolic effect 90/100, but, in turn, dianabol has much more side effects and unacceptable for performance sportsmen such as runners or cyclists. With Turanabol you won’t have problems with enlarged breasts, excessive estrogen or watery, puffy outlook like with dianabol.

The drug turinabol (turanabol) was invented in Eastern Germany and was first used in medical practice in 1965. A year later it was fully applied in the sport. At the beginning the users were only men, but since 1968 a new drug was introduced for the preparation of females. The use of oral Turinabol has been thoroughly documented. A secret document dated 1973 indicates that the outcome for women in the shot put increased by about two meters (!) due to the using of only two oral turinabol tabs (10 mg/tab) daily for 11 weeks. The results were raising along with dosage and duration of use. In 1972 oral turinabol usage in Eastern Germany spread over many other sports where speed and strength were needed besides athletics, where it was initially introduced.

Turinabol effects

Here is a small table, which clearly shows oral turinabol effects on improving the results of the athletes.

Men Women

Shot put 4,5-5 m 2,5-5 m

Discus Throw 10-12 m 6-9 m

Hammer Throw 6-10 m 4-8 m

Javelin 8-15 m 6-12 m

Running at 400 m 45 sec 48 sec

Impressive, isn’t it?

Turanabol – What is it?

Oral turinabol is actually a version of methandrostenolone with extra chlorine atom in the fourth position. Hence the official name of turinabol is 4-chloro-alpha-Dihydromethyltestosteron. This upgrade has made the drug practically non-aromatized. Even more, turinabol metabolites very quickly leave the body, making huge advantage against the threat of doping tests.

Like the vast majority of oral AAS oral turinabol is 17-alpha alkylated, thus is potentially harmful to the liver. However, negative impact on the liver was not reported even after prolonged use.

Oral turinabol sufficiently resembles methandrostenolone not only on the structure of the molecule but the action of both drugs is also very similar. Turinabol produces less gains, but this is "quality", lean mass and also it produces less side effects. Despite turinabol does not aromatize and is quite mild drug, prolonged usage may cause the suppression of secretion of endogenous testosterone but at much lesser extent comparing to methandrostenolone (dianabol) and it’s easily rejuvenated.

Oral turinabol and injectable turinabol in bodybuilding

The difference between oral and injectable turinabol is like with most of other steroids. Oral is easier to take but in theory it may be harmful to the liver, so one can sustain higher dosages of injectable version. Furthermore, injectable is slightly more detected. But, in general, this is a matter of personal preferences.

In bodybuilding turinabol can be called a rookie. Not surprising – in the past "pharmacological king" in Eastern Europe used to be relatively cheap methandrostenolone (dianabol). All turinabol smuggled from Eastern Germany was captured by light athletics coaches. Western Europe and USA even did not know that such product exists, at least no bodybuilders reported they ever used it. Situation changed not that long ago when this very useful drug has been given a second chance and had a stunning success on US market and short after that in all other countries.

What are the reasons of this success? At-first turinabol notably raises power. Secondly, as has been said, oral turinabol quickly leaves the body and not found in the urine within 6-8 days after end of usage. We have not heard about any positive doping tests for turinabol. However, it may be because such tests are simply not being made nowadays.

A positive feature of the drug can be considered as giving hardness to the muscles without any significant accumulation of water. Experience shows that using of turinabol is almost mandatory in contest preparation stacks. Also it copes with the task of protection of muscle mass against destruction after bulking cycles.

There is another feature of turinabol – it’s a «sex drug». This steroid fairly rapidly increase libido for men, sometimes too much, so desire of sex prevail over desire for trainings 🙂 This property, as well as the ability just slightly inhibit the production of endogenous testosterone, makes it useful drug to take in moderate doses between the cycles of "heavy" AAS to maintain sex-drive.

Dosage and usage

Turanabol is mostly used to build lean body mass and strength without water retention, which often occurs with Daianabol and testosterone. The results with Turanabol straightly depends on the daily dosage, which normally varies between 20 to 100 mg. Athletes below 90 kgs experience no side effects at 20 mg daily and more heavy athletes easily adopt 40 – 50 mg daily.

When administered 50 mg/ED it significantly increases dry muscle mass, strength, and all of this without water retention, which can cause serious side effects due to estrogenic activity. Because of these characteristics, Turanabol is very effective product for powerlifters. In order to increase the results at the end of the course it is recommended to combine this drug with Parabolan (200 mg every week) or with Stanozolol (150 mg every week). This is very good pre-competition combo as well. The above combination allows us to construct a relief and build muscle without any additional fat-burners and guaranteed against side effects such as gynecomastia, and excessive estrogen.

In light athletics dosage is following: body weight in pounds divided by 10. For bodybuilders dosage is: body weight in kilograms divided by 1.5-2 (normally it’s 1.5 times more than your daily dianabol dosage).

Product could be applied once a day in the morning or split on two applications – morning and evening.


It’s good for performance sportsmen, powerlifters or bodybuilders on cutting stacks. But if serious fat-burn needed, it won’t help because it’s a steroid, not pure fat-burner.

1) Turanabol 35 mg/ ED for three weeks at the end of Deca-Durabolin cycle to make a relief

2) Turanabol 50 mg/ED for 6 weeks with Parabolan Depot (200 mg / w) and / or :stanozolol: (150 mg /w) at the end of cycle for 2-3 weeks (possibly from the beginning of cycle)

3) Turanabol standalone cycle 50 mg/ED for 6 weeks. Lean mass / pre-competition stack.

4) During preparation stacks Turinabol is often combined with Trenbolone, Oxandrolone or :stanozolol:. Very good results are obtained by combination with testosterone propionate.

5) The combination of oral Turinabol + Oxandrolone is too weak, it can be recommended only for women.

6) You can use oral and injectable turinabol during mass-gaining cycle in various combinations, for example with testosterone, Nandrolone Decanoate or a combination thereof, instead of Methandrostenolone (Dianabol). It is recommended for those athletes who want to get quality muscles.

PCT is needed after most of these courses

Detection time

There is a big controversy on this matter. There are some sources, which tells that turinabol depot is detectable up to 18 months and oral turinabol is detectable up to 12 months in worst-case scenario. Some other people on the forums tell that 6-8 weeks in more than enough. However, we cannot understand where they all took such huge and unreliable numbers from. Doping tests rarely shows chlordehydromethyl-testosterone indeed and it was widely used in 60es and 70es so there is a good evidence that real detection times are much shorter. Most likely this mistake happened because athletes used some long-living substances like deca long with it. Or, maybe, these sources misrepresent turinabol with the same deca, we have seen some product descriptions, supposedly made for turanabol but after reading we understood they were just copypasted from deca descriptions, stupid, isnt’ it? Also, just as brain-storming: YES, it quickly leaves the body and not detectable in the urine tests, but probably modern blood tests can detect it for longer time, especially when using injectable turinabol.

So, it’s difficult to be absolutely sure, but we stick to the idea that Oral turinabol moves out of the body within 5-8 days after the end of cycle (if this was turanabol standalone cycle up to 100-150 mg/ ED) and any urine doping test shows negative results. Ok, if the risks of testing is too high and you are too nervous about it, discontinue turanabol 2 weeks before the contest to feel certain. 2 months is most likely sufficient evenfor injectable turinabol and sophisticated blood tests.

Another positive thing is that nowadays doping tests do not include turinabol at all, because it is considered to be a drug, which came out of usage after decease of Eastern Germany. Unfortunately, with its growing popularity one day it may change back as it happened with genabolom (norboleton) during Olympic Games 2000.

Side effects and PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) with Turanabol

Side effects of this drug depends on dosages or personal characteristics of an athlete. Women usually experience virilization side effects from prolonged use of the drug at dosages of above 20 mg per day. For men side effects occur very rarely as the estrogenic activity of the drug is quite low. Six weeks cycle makes no negative effects at all, nut normally one can use it even longer.

When doing 20 mg daily, endogenous testosterone production starts being suppressed after ten days. However, it goes down only to 60-70% (for instance dianabol suppresses it to 30-40%), which is the reason of quick rejuvenation afterwards. Just 5 days after the cycle is over, natural testosterone production normalizes. 7 days after the cycle, endogenous testosterone production may even become higher (!!!) than before the cycle.

High dosages of oral turanabol version may lead to increasing of liver values, thus some protection like Liv-52 is needed. However, this is not a case when using injectable turanabol.

Other side effects such as gynecomastia, water retention, high blood pressure, acne, gastrointestinal pain, and uncontrolled aggressive behavior are highly unlikely.

Increased libido during cycle occurs for both sexes.

PCT is not absolutely necessary if used standalone but desirable if used more than 20 mg daily. In this instance Clomiphene (Clomid) is preferred to Nolvadex (tamoxifen citrate). Do 3 tabs (150 mg) of Clomiphene for the 1st day after the cycle, and 2 tabs/ED for two more weeks (you may reduce to 1 tab/ED at the end of PCT)

Female usage

Oral Turinabol is relatively safe drug for women in dosages no more than 20 mg daily and if used for no longer than 4-5 weeks. According to many studies under such conditions it does not cause virilization effects.

Combination of oral turinabol + oxandrolone well suits for females.


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