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Clomid (Clomifert, Clomiphene Citrate, Clostilbegit)

Clomid belongs to a class of drugs called anti-estrogens. It recovers endogenous synthesis of testosterone after steroid cycle. Also it prevents the risks of gynecomastia in athletes taking steroids which are prone to aromatization. Clomid is believed to activate the production of LH and hence testosterone synthesis, but it’s not the case. In fact it prevents inhibition of hypothalamus and pituitary by estrogen.

Clomid works as activator and blocker of estrogen receptor at the same time. It depends on the tissue where this receptor is located. By attaching to receptor it alters its conformation in a different way than estrogen does. As estrogen receptor needs both estrogen and co-factor to function, the altered conformation doesn’t allow it to do this. Without co-factor it stays nonfunctional.

As we mentioned above different tissues has different receptors. Some receptors can accept co-factor to Clomid-receptor complex, but others cannot do that. This leads to different effect of this drug (inhibitor/activator) in various tissues. Both of these functions are important.

For instance, Clomid works as powerful inhibitor of estrogen receptor in hypothalamus and in breast tissue, thus preventing gynecomastia. And at the same time it is an efficient activator in the bone tissue, which positively affects blood cholesterol.

One more significant fact about Clomid is that it can reduce the damage of muscles, which is caused by overtraining.  This feature is rather important for endurance sportsmen. It doesn’t influence the gain of muscles. Clomid may also affect the mood and cause depression or symptoms reminding PMS but in rare occasions.

Some users think that Clomid cycle should not be longer than 10-14days, but it’s not correct. The clinical trials showed that male users can take it for more than one year without adverse effects. However women are not recommended to use it for more than two weeks.

This limitation is due to the fact that this drug stimulates ovulation in women and not out of toxicity issues. So, men taking easily aromatizable steroids can safely use it during the cycle or after it. However it’s better not to use it for more than 2/3 of the year.


  • Stimulates production of LH and of natural testosterone, necessary for PCT
  • Reduces risk of gynecomastia
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